yesterday I cried with a stranger.

There’s a lady at my gym (in her 40’s) who trains and then showers and heads off to night shift around the same time I arrive.

Wow women are such female dogs, there is never a lack of giggling/whispering as she gets changed.

Anyways, yesterday as I came out of the shower, I glanced at her on the scale and got to share in her happy moment when it read 99,8kg. Even though I don’t even know her name we did the victory dance and then the bear hug followed by the ugly cry (all while I was in a towel). She told me its taken her 13 months to drop below 100 and that she can’t wait to be “an unskilled in bitchery skinny bitch”.

  She taught me that were all on different journeys, there is no competition, besides the one with your yesterday’s self.

Celebrate the milestones, even if its with a semi naked stranger.

Jenna Jay.