I don’t want to be pretty.

This growing up thing. Its so messy and scary and its constantly tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me that every time I think Ive learnt a bucket full in the distance there’s a well FULL of memories and experiences, trials and celebrations.

After last weeks post I had so many responses and the occasional reassurance.

“Don’t worry, you’re pretty”

Pretty. I smiled.

Along the way I became a slave to 2 syllables. 5 letters.
I’d heard it before. A word tossed from girl to girl, rarely meant. Pretty is a crippled, distorted word in a world that matches it against thigh gap existence and pearly white smiles. The world had drained out all the metrics of measuring women and replaced it with Pore size and calorie counts.

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I’m fat.

Guysssssss, I’m SO fat.

Really, I’m not. I weigh 65kgs (I may have rounded that down a little) but well, I’m average.
I’m not tiny, but I’m pretty healthy and every now and again I get whistled at by a front-toothless taxi driver, so I should be pleased.

I’m not fat, but I feel fat.

…And I don’t think its all my fault.

I remember watching Beverley Hills 90210 at primary school and Tori Spelling appeared in a beach scene. As she slow motionly jogged across the sand with her hair majestically whipping and the sun kissing her perfectly bronzed skinned a classmate spat out “wow she needs to tone up if she’s gonna run in that tiny costume”

Ok heaven knows why we were watching 90210 and more importantly why 12year old boys were shown half naked women while they should of been doing geometry. But I digress.

Tori Spelling people, Tori freaking Spelling needed to “tone up”.

If I ran on the beach would the jiggling of my NOT perfectly rounded butt make guys throw up in their mouths a little? Was I… gross? All I knew at 13 was that I was definitely no Tori Spelling, and if she needed to “tone up”? Then I needed a Unicorn and a Genie to procreate because it would take a Genie Unicorn to make me beautiful.

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(so i tricked you….no boobs.)

Ok, so admitably I used to be one of those “I can’t be friends with girls…all of my friends are guys” kinda girls.

Girls do that thing where they shout at a completely unnecessary pitch when seeing each other, gossip oh and…. periods.


I think it’s important for women to develop relationships with one another. Also women are badass.

marilyn monroe quotes

You are thinking aaaaah cute!

NO…..just NO.

This is the main reason I wrote this post. I am tired and frankly bored of seeing “inspirational” Marilyn Monroe quotes. What does this “inspire” you to do? It leaves us helpless and our happiness in the (clumsy) hands of men.

Don’t get me wrong, Marilyn was an icon. She was hot. She was an actress…kinda. Ok, lets be honest she wasn’t too great at the acting thing. Anyways she was beautiful and she was famous and she was mysterious and now… we have a generation of ill informed young women who are looking to her as a role model. Gag.

Ladies look for women who changed the world through their actions. Actions that were guided by nothing except their love for humanity. Look at our vast history, research women of our past and for the love of everything good in the world…Find inspiration. In case you don’t know where to begin. Here’s a head start…

These women are some of my favourite.

Anne Frank

Anne and her family were forced into hiding when the Nazi’s overtook Holland.
To escape being arrested by the Nazi’s, Anne Frank, her family and another family (The Van Pels) hid in an attic in the middle of Amsterdam.

Obviously, there was very little for her to do, so she sat around and tweeted and watched TV and pinned stuff to her “wedding” (even though I don’t have a bf) pinterest board. No, she wrote – she built a legacy.

She documented her time spent in the attic with her family. Although, things were difficult (…she was hiding in an attic with eight other people for 2 years….EIGHT….) she wrote about how thankful she felt to be alive.

“I long to ride a bike, dance, whistle, look at the world, feel young and know that I’m free, and yet I can’t let it show. Just imagine what would happen if all eight of us were to feel sorry for ourselves or walk around with the discontent clearly visible on our faces. Where would that get us?”
(December 24, 1943) – Anne Frank

If that doesn’t make you look at your life, and be content with all of the good fortune you have…then you need a lobotomy, or to live locked up in an attic for a few years and then sent to a concentration camp.

Then the Nazis received a tip and Anne, her family and The Van Pels were found and sent to a concentration camp.

Damn you, Nazi asshats!

Mother Teresa

When she was 18, she felt the calling to serve her life as a Nun. She packed up her shiet, moved to Ireland and received Nun-training. (I’m sure there is a formal word for this process, but that is a minor detail)

Mother Teresa was also a teacher, not only was she a teacher, she was a teacher in the ghettos of India. That’s some scary ass stuff. Surviving that is enough to put her on my list of badass women.

After that she carried on to do some more badass deeds, but I will leave you to Google the rest.

She taught me about how you don’t have to know about, or understand where people come from to make a difference in their lives. To me, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman who will give up all selfish endeavors for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of others.

“It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.”
– Mother Teresa

Joan of Arc

Now this woman had Cahoona’s, big Cahoona’s.

This was a woman who was led by her religious convictions until she was burned at the stake at the age of 19.

When growing up Joan’s country was a divided one. King Henry V seized this opportunity, rode in, invaded the crap out of France and deafeated the Royal Army.

So when Joan was 17 years old, she approached the French leader, Charles de Ponthieu, who frankly, didn’t have his poop in a pile. Being so overwhelmed by her conviction and bravery he did what any logical thinking national leader would do…he gave Joan her own army.

Not only did she have an army she rocked out at leading an army.

She was declared a witch and burnt at the stake. …this woman, who spoke with such conviction and changed the fate of her country, was lit on fire by a bunch of chauvinistic, asshat clergy men.

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this”

– Joan of Arc

Hope this inspired you?

Jenna Jay x