shopping list.

My ultimate treat – cup of tea and fashion blogs.

some of the trends i fancy much.

statement watches. – this Gold Casio is hot. I want.

Summer in Paris.

brogues. vintage bags. high waisted skinnies. unstructured crop tee.

basically this.


minimalisticly hot.

and my ultimate fav for the moment – the oversized tee and pendant combo.

You do of course get ‘proper’ oversized tee’s but these are money making scams by cunning multinational fashion cons

Go to shop > look for a T thats approx 3 sizes too big > buy > wear. simple.

The trick is in the sizing  – it has to be a sufficient amount of sizes too big, so that it is obvious, or it will look like you recently lost tons of weight and you haven’t yet had time to shop.

talking about shopping lists – check this #win.

Jenna Jay.