ombre shmombre.

I have always loved the Ombre concept… even when I didn’t know there was a term for it.

I remember a few months ago trying to explain to my friends while doing a D.I.Y hair makeovers

and resorted to typing into google images phrases like “bottom of hair lighter than top”, “gradient hair coloring” to get pictures.

It is not only reserved for hair…

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let me moon you.

Life’s too short for boring nails.

This weekend was fa-reezing not the normal kind of freezing – this was the type of temperature polar bears would whine about.

My weekend included series, friends, hairdye, bed, gym, houtbay market, tea, voila, church and more tea.

Here’s a quick tutorial – bear in mind i took these using my phone with wet nails so picture quality not so great – but you will get the basic idea.

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brazillian blowdry.

I tried the brazillian Blowdry with hopes that my life would be a little easier, but what i left with was more than i can imagine. Easy Summer hair that is healthy and feels amazingly soft.

I have hectic #colouredgirlproblems when it comes to my hair.

Although I have never really enjoyed super straight hair, the thought of getting out the shower and walking out the door really excited me. I have been hectically researching the “brazillian blowdry” and reading style blogs and couldn’t really find the truth and thought oh well let me try it out for myself.

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