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Oh how I have failed. Over and over again.

But its ok. It’s my gift to you. Its my gift to myself.
These are the things those sexy mistakes have told me…

1. When I choose to let fear win and don’t step out, someone else will.

And they’ll probably have an awesome time. And laugh. And Prospur. And Be rich.

2. Sometimes you can get tired of caring.

Immigration, pollution, child abuse, drug abuse, the war against poverty, the war on crime, the war on terror. There’s so much going on. It’s overwhelming. It’s confusing. It’s paralyzing. BUT….Know what breaks your heart. What angers you. And if you don’t yet get out there and find it.

Once you do – Attach your time to it. Give your soul to it.

Thinking about something is not the same as doing something. We all need a little more tending and a lot less intending.


3. We are all victims of some kind of misfortune. Stop whining. Nobody cares.


4. We’ve all been spelling Erica wrong.


5. Learn how to quit something. When it stops making you happy just be done with it. Some things aren’t even worth that internal maybe-it-will-get-better-one-day debate. Self doubt. Hate. Negative People. Those jeans you keep because you think one day you will literally halve the size of your body. Let it go.

6. Being late doesn’t make you fashionable or cool. Being late makes you a douche. It makes you disrespectful and selfish and a douche. Douche douche douche. …and in case you didn’t get it.

7. Dignity is a pretty big deal.  All of us no matter who we serve, or worship, or love– deserve dignity. Don’t stomp on someone’s dignity. Stop steamrolling over it with judgements and your careless utterings. Sometimes its ok to just be quiet. Try be informed instead of opinionated.

8. Surround yourself with the right people. I don’t know about you, but I like the thought of touching knees and elbows and occasionally butts with people who are gonna change the world one day. Learn to celebrate life’s victories. The big ones, the small ones. Understand that the world will not always be applauding. There’s no red carpet.  Most of the time hardly anyone will even notice a change. But find people who celebrate little things too – keep them around. They are the ones with victory in their veins. Fire in their eyes.

Ace Ventura victory dance
9. Love wins, every time. Love is my favorite weapon and I use it to fight wars all the time. We need to get the basics right though. We need to start with kindness. Not the cutesy kind, the kind of kindness that keeps you up at night, the kind of kindness which takes sacrifice and labour and money. The money we’ve been saving to buy those pretty shoes with. The money we need to make it through the month. Kindness is love without any makeup. Kindness is love before its brushed its hair and put on its pretty dress. Kindness is the basics of love. Kindness is the start.

10. Number 9 again.

Jenna Jay.

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