Dear Mr Christian. My thoughts on your thoughts.

Most of you would have seen this video.

Joshua Feuerstein “destroys” the entire field of biology in a 3 minute clip.

Don’t get me wrong some of his points resonate with me but I’m just not entirely sure of the merits of someone taking a 3 minute long selfie.

Also, I’m quite sure he may be slightly missing the point.

Evangelism is about communicating the good news. Its about unification. I am yet to meet someone who has come to know Christ as a result of an intense online debate. Online debate sucks out the entire context of love. Everyone’s just wildly swinging clenched cyber-fists at everything…and nothing. It’s tiring.

I too am quick to shout(&type) out my beliefs but when they don’t match up with yours can I really abandon love for the sake of (my) truth? When I do I need to realise that it’s no longer about Jesus…its about winning an argument. It’s about pride.

In this context negativity is fertilized and at the end of it all everyone’s affected. The non believer is pushed further away from the faith and…. well, so is the believer.

Some people believe in God and some people don’t.

This all stopped being about Jesus it’s now just about who seems smarter.

Jenna Jay.



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