Who told you?

You guys, you’re filling my inbox.
Thank you for sharing your love, sharing your lives.

It gets to me though. The masses of hearts who are aching to know if they’re still worthy of love. There are so many people drowning in shame because they’re certain they’ll lose it all if anyone ever finds out how messed up they are. It makes me sad to know that there are so many people who willingly and mistakenly place their worth in the cruel hands of man.

How do I lay it out there for the world to see? Open to ridicule. How do I show my messyness? How dare I reveal the ratty edges? As if i’m here breaking some unwritten rule – “Above all, never stop pretending to be perfect”

Truth is – I am “transparent” (or whatever you call it) because I really don’t give a crap what you think of me. Have a think – to be left found wanting by others, who really are every bit as broken and unworthy as I am, is just… well stupid.

I’m reminded of those two in the garden. It’s not until after the fall of man that we start hiding and making Jockeys out of shrubs. That’s where God finds us, shivering in our fig and ivy blend panties, and He asks, “Who told you that you were naked?”

Seriously. Who told you to be ashamed?

I understand that because of my brokenness I don’t get to spend my days waltzing through Eden. But I hear him whispering

 “Jen, you weren’t created to hide in the bushes, you were made to dance in the garden.”

I’m free in my messiness because I realize that He doesn’t bind me to my shame, He releases me from it…

Jenna Jay.


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