My mess is sparklier than yours.

Its the 28th of May. It’s cold,very cold.

He’s shivering, wearing no shoes and huffing on the last remnants of glue.

And there I stood… waiting for my hot chocolate, watching as she told her darling to keep going to school and not to try drugs because heaven forbid he would turn out like THAT. While waving her diamond clad hand in the direction of his existence.

His entire life dissolved into his current situation. Labelled worthless. His lack a show.

She then spots a younger man in the line and openly flirts with him. Leaning over towards him showing him just a bit more of her cleavage through her crispy white shirt. He pours in his sweetener in an uncomfortable swirl and scurries out to avoid her advances.

She looked sad. Ashamed. and most strikingly, lonely. Twirling the sparkly band on her ring finger no longer hidden against the palm of her hand.

No longer was this funny. It was sad.

The suburbs are strange like that.

They’re bubbling over with people who have full wardrobes, full bank accounts, full tummies… and empty hearts.

Here, depravity is hidden behind electric fences & high walls, and the things that keep us from God often come gleaming, right out of the box.

The contrast between Dark and Light has been cleverly obscured by the polish of materialism.

Here, poverty is internal. But it’s definitely still there.

Behind the facade of happiness, past the fake boobs next to the fancy cars and ridiculous paychecks, and at the bottom of aaalll thoooose wine glasses, there’s a need so desperate, a loneliness so large, and a brokenness so crushing.

….But the beautiful thing to be found in all of this mess is that there’s a Savior here, too.

I believe Jesus has the biggest battle in the streets filled with the have’s. Everyone here is surrounded by so much sparkly new things, it’s hard to see the Light.

Jenna Jay.


2 thoughts on “My mess is sparklier than yours.

  1. This is very nice. I like the idea of an observed reality and the things that lurk behind it, the truth and the realness behind the shimmering curtain. It strikes a bit of a somber chord in me, so used to giving the middle class a go. I’m reminded that something is rotten in the state of suburbia. An accurately painted picture.

    Technically, my feedback is minimal: you may want to be a bit more conscious of punctuation. I always assume that a) the way people punctuate their sentences is a personal style thing and b) not everyone is so appreciative of a short, sharp sentence as I am. Having recognised that, I feel like the impact would be so much harder with shorter, tighter sentences, particularly in a piece like this, which addresses that kind of stark reality.

    Still, I can haz feels and goosebumps now. Lekker stuff, yo!

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