Crossed Paths.

Lately I’ve crossed paths with so many new people, some from the internet, some by chance and then some because I strategically positioned myself between them and the bathroom door at a party where I might accidentally bump into them by sheer coincidence.

In all of this I cannot help but notice how we are all undeniably in some way interconnected. It appears there is always a place where our lives; yours, mine and everybody else’s, seem to converge. Whether we know it or not, whether we want it or not.

I see a a bigger picture of a world with a will, filled with lives created for purpose. Perhaps it’s not simply the moment, itself, but what we do in the when and where of our crossed paths that matter. Perhaps, it would be wise for each of us (but most importantly me) to be a little more attentive, kind, and loving to this delicately spun network of souls that populate this (evidently tiny) big wide world. Perhaps, we are connected to each other in ways we all haven’t yet imagined.

Maybe if we tried a little harder Magic could happen…. outside of a grocery store… with 3 voices and 1 guitar.



Jenna Jay.


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