Castration nation.

I remember a time when the Internet was just like the real world, but larger.

The Internet was fun. Communities were formed, old friendships rekindled, relationships birthed, information shared. It was pretty dandy.

That was back when we were still figuring out how far we could push the boundaries. We were learning how to say what we mean, be who we are and sound like we sound. We were finding our voice.

And, oh, how we have discovered it. And that changed everything.

Were now in the era of ….Say anything. Hear nothing.
Every post is a trial. Every word will be argued, debated, juried then judged. Every flaw will be pointed out, every comparison will be made, every right will be invoked, every meme will be created.

There is no end to it; this great, big, stupid argument we call the internet.

It seems like there used to be a space (a pretty large one) in between the crazy, where stories were shared and communities formed. It was a wide lane of reasonable people having interesting conversations and trading ideas, challenging each other, and loving one another, the way real life friends do – without a finger hovering over the “block” button. It was less ragey, less ranty. Considerate discussions now drowned out by ALL CAPS opinions.

It’s not fun.

It’s like, somewhere along the line, we decided that our opinions were more important than the things that brought us to them. In truth, I don’t care about your opinion. But, your story? Yes, please. Your story sways me, moves me. Your story changes me.

The beauty of the internet is not conversation, it’s connection.

Say anything. Yes. …But say it to my face.
Go ahead. Say anything.

 A computer screen may make you brave, but it does not make you smart. A keyboard may make you free, but it does not make you right.

It’s so sad to see people going through life swinging clenched cyber-fists at everything …and nothing. It looks exhausting. And silly.

Jenna Jay x


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