It’ll get better when.

I’m sorry.

I have probably started about 3 new blogs since I last posted on this one. I know you’re all like oh look at Jenna she is oh so productive. But by ‘started new blogs’, I mean that I created a new gmail account, and then a new WordPress account, selected a theme, wrote what I thought was a really rad intro message then lost or forgot my username and password to either or both the account and email address leaving me unable to access said blog.  So now we are here…again. Here is pretty awesome though. Here is where I share my thoughts in a completely incoherent messy way, with zero judgment cos you guys are awesome right? right? here goes…

I found myself using “it’ll get better when…” approximately 5 gazillion (4) times today.
Just me? Were always waiting for some epiphany, some moment. Sorry to break it to you but when does’t ever fully arrive. It sort of just sits there somewhere in the distance accumulating more shitty excuses and stealing more of our ‘hot time’. Yes ‘hot time’ is totally a thing.

My theory is right now you are probably the hottest you will ever be (unless you’re a teenager, then just wait ;)). As you age, time passes exponentially quicker, gravity actually gets heavier, and your bladder shrinks to roughly the size of a peanut. Before you know it, you wake up one morning and you’re droopy all over, and living your whole life on the brink of wetting yourself. I’m sorry. I told you its a a thing. That’s just how it is.

When you get to that point where you actually start wetting yourself its a pretty good indicator that hot time is well, over.

Screw Carpe Diem, ‘hot time’ is totally my motivator.

Now isn’t always great though. Now I’m hungry, tired and kind of weirdly almost psychotically PMSish. Now isn’t 100%ly going my way. Now I’m (self inflictedly) too busy. Now kinda sucks. But its chilled because It will get better when….

The thing is if I can just blame everything I don’t like on stuff that will just sort of sort itself out over an indeterminable amount of time then well I don’t have to actually do anything. Yeah?

(Also I need to say that dreams are awesome and the whole seizing them thing is pretty cool. But make sure your dreams aren’t a little wonky, Like flying an ostrich.)

Note the title is “ostrichcopter second test” what happened during the first?

I checked the dudes Youtube site in order to find the first one expecting to see something awful and then end this post with its all fun and games until somebody loses an eye to a flying ostrich, but instead I found heaps of taxidermied animals attached to multiple motors and realized look his idea is rather interesting, but he is totally doing his thing and from the amount of views there are hundreds of thousands of people interested in flying dead animals…and the rest of us are all just at Vida.

Come on guys, hot time is running out.

Jenna Jay.


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