O Little town of corruption and incompetence.

(side bar –  When I started this post it was a big whine about how if I had a minute with government I would probably just scream at them and say GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER you are ruining it for everyone….and then ask for a refund.
but politics and followers don’t go together so I deleted the rest of my whiney whine and wrote this instead…)

Lets be honest government really doesn’t care about silly old me? Sometimes I would hope that they would at least care about small groups of us united around a common cause. But everyone is kind of looking at them…you know the way a parent looks at their kid the first night they come home outrageously drunk and disturbingly puke-ish, while they’re all just still sitting around blaming each other.

(I love how my entire sidebar is now irrelevant considering I just continued to whine for another paragraph)

Yeah, so I guess were on our own.  But you know… like together?

(sidebar 2 – this is the beginning of another rant, but just hear me out I am getting somewhere…eventually.)

I like christmas…like alot. Well I mean I like what its meant to be. Maybe I’m alone in my annoyance? But sometimes when rushing to Canal Walk at 20h45 to pick up that one last thing or frantically wrapping gifts you know the receiver will probably regift for their next work secret santa or while in the line behind a mother who is maxing her Credit Card to give her kid some “christmas cheer” I stop and think hmmm seriously? What a crapfest. It’s hardly fair to blame this on Jesus.

(This is the part where I knit together my random thoughts to form some kind of cohesive train of thought….hopefully.)

Here’s my 5 ways to make Christmas less crap list (for everyone, but also for those the gvt has royally failed.)

1. Santa Shoebox project.

This one is super easy and they have made it even better this year with drop off points pretty much everywhere. All the info is on their site (http://site.santashoebox.co.za/). Also lets be honest you could pack a box for the same amount you spend on your overpriced craft beers on one random Thursday night. So don’t be a douche and tell me “its just not in your budget.”

2. Don’t spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need.

3. (I’m starting to think this post was just a way for me to share with you a bunch of projects that are really awesome.)

Become someones mentor – there is a really amazing programme called Big Brother Big Sister SA and they will connect you with kids close to you who just need someone to sow into their lives positively. You don’t need to spend heaps of hours per month, the key is that you need to be consistent though. So don’t do this if you get bored easily, most of these kids have already had enough adults let them down. –www.bbbsi.org/southafrica

4. Do small things for complete strangers who will never be able to pay you back.

5. Love a little harder, squeeze a little tighter, be a little less douchier.

Jenna Jay.


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