I should probably sleeping.

So its roughly 4AM and I’ve had insomnia for so long that I’m starting to think (/hope) that I am just in a dream about blogging at 4AM because I have insomnia.

I think I spent roughly 30minutes wondering if maybe I’m turning into a vampire and that’s why I’m up all night, but I’m pretty sure vampires sleep all day and I hate blood, so not only do I have insomnia, but I’m also really poop at being a vampire. Hows your 4AM going?

It’s not all bad though I am slightly excited at the fact that I am in this awkward stage where I am not entirely sure if I am going mentally insane or if I have crossed over to the zone where people don’t actually need sleep anymore. (So now of course I’m thinking about what I would do with the extra 8 (ok maybe 6) hours I would have with my day and come to the conclusion that maybe sleep is just a ridiculously insane money saver?)

Anyways after way too much tossing I stumbled across this gem which my amazing friend sent me.

This is my friend. Her name is Candice. She is cool…..(And probably going to kill me.)


Yes that is my eye in the background, sexy huh?

Ok, here – take a moment to have your life changed.

Happy Friday…..

Jenna Jay x


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