…but I thought the cat was Krumping.

Ok for those of you who are not entirely sure what Krumping is, here let Urban Dictionary help you…

“A dancing style not dissimilar to how a mountain goat might react whilst undergoing extensive knee surgery.”

Now I know you are probably thinking that must be the worst definition ever but hear me out.

I saw the most horrible thing last week.
Please don’t think I’m a mean crappy person? ok? pinky promise?
So I’m merrily driving down the road with my music probably far too loud and my singing definitely very off key and the car in front of me swerves to avoid something, and as I get closer I see that its an animal – but not like a normal animal, because it was frantically bouncing around. I then looked closer and I was like, “What the hell?! Is that cat…KRUMPING!!!” – and for a second….ok ok maybe a minute, I totally thought there was a krumping cat in the road and I was like “Oh My Word how AWESOME is that I am totally going to Tweet about this!”

Then I saw the blood. Lots of blood. Red blood. Cat Blood.

And I realized that the poor thing was ~SURPRISE~ not krumping, but, in fact, dying. It quickly became obvious that the little guy had been hit by a car and was in some kind of terrible, crazy fit of death. It just looked like krumping.

And then this was what I thought…
1. Gross
2. I’m an idiot – cats don’t krump.
3. I should do something.
4. But….I don’t even like cats.
5. Cats have aids (This isn’t even a joke – Google it.)
6. Cat blood is probably really hard to get out of your car interior.

And then in the middle of all of this craziness I looked in my rear view mirror to see a man in a SUV behind me aim and then drive directly over the cat.
Yes, like squish splat pancake flat.

So, I know you’re all like he is SO horrible, how gross. But hear me out….Now that is a guy who knows how to make a decision.  He didn’t waste any time – He saw an ugly situation, weighed his options, and acted. It was likely the kindest and most compassionate thing to do. I do like the idea of being a “look and then take action” kind of person. Too often, I fall into the category of “analyse the crap out of crap, then come to an irrelevant conclusion” (In this case – that cats Krump.)
But the whole thing got me thinking about how I’ve been over-thinking things, worried about silly little details that don’t much matter. I’ve been swerving to avoid some messes instead of dealing with the cause, head on…So to speak.

Just so that you think I’m not entirely crazy…


Sometimes inspiration comes from a clever little quote and then sometimes it comes from a guy riding over a cat.

Jenna Jay x


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