Now Now.

Procrastination is like my favoritestest thing.

I love what it does to me – it turns me into a determined, ultra powered super human typed mutant thingy.
You know? I will do approximately one gazillion seven hundred and fifty things that have approximately no significance in relation to the thing which I should in fact be doing. one gazillion seven hundred and fifty.

So its now 11pm and I have reread letters from high school, painted my nails, gymmed and researched beagles. Why? Because I need to pack. Beagles are awesome – they totally don’t get enough credit.

I had to take a bag and select 2 days worth of clothes put it in the bag and then zip it up. It’s not rocket science in fact it takes about a tenth of the energy of all the other stuff i did in order to not do the one thing that I actually needed to do. No offense to monkeys, but even they would do it in a far quicker time frame. (I just did that “I’m going to say no offense and follow it up with something offensive” thing.)

In the procrastination mood I went and replied to mails from my blog. I sometimes get lovely messages and I am thankful for those but other times…well, you guys can be douches. The strangest thing is the douchery mail often comes from what I think are lovely, well intentioned people. They winge offer constructive criticism about my post on how God is probably stoked with my “Jesus tattoo” or my scattered use of words like “crap”/”shit”.

At best, I find discussions about the language/things people put/don’t put on their skin/ clothes being worn by Christians rather… well, boring. I have no desire to contribute to the nonsense of Christian on Christian judgementalism that comes with this topic.

Now this may come as a surprise to you, but hear me out. I was never given a list of “God approved words”. I think God forgot to CC me on that mail. I laugh at the thought of what would happen if it did surface – I know people who would faint if “fart” was on the approved list, or eek what about “shut up”.

You know, I’ve never really felt like God was offended by our/my words. The truth is, we choose words not for God’s ears but for man’s. He already knows the workings of our heart. They are powerful yes and we can and should use them responsibly. We can use them to bring people together or tear them apart, to lift people up or to condemn them, to encourage or to wreck. I think what is key is not the words but rather the statement. Not the logistics, but the heart.

If you choose to stay stuck on my offenses and choose to ignore my heart then I am sorry (not really) but you might continue to be annoyed/offended by the way i continue to amateurishly and messily try get out of my heart the way God has massively outpoured his love into my life and overhauled my brokenness.

Jenna Jay.


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