Table for one.

You see, I used to love my life crowded.
Because amongst the responsibility, craziness and mayhem it was easy to lose track of how to just exist. Why would I need to or even want to be bothered with facing myself with so many other more exciting, dramatic, hot, annoying people around?

In a world where the label Extrovert is a medal and Introvert a shameful scar. Its important to not forget to keep trying your hand at the art of aloneness, albeit a stick figure start.

But then soon, I sat there, alone, laughing.
Through the whisper of dysfunctionality, great joy shouted.
For I was laughing not at but rather with my self, to me a marker of proper function.

Here are some things I’ve learnt while taking the time to revel is small doses of aloneness.

1. Cherish every moment.
Our time here is brief, a few trips around the sun and then it’s over.

Quantity over quality is far more important when it comes to interaction. Take time to listen closely, watch carefully, understand.

2. Create.
Make use of the ‘loneliness’.

When we force ourselves to be alone all excuses are gone. Not creating, not doing is now sadly our own fault.

rec·re·a·tion (r k r – sh n). n. Refreshment of one’s mind or body after work through activity that stimulates; play.

3. Be your own friend.
Take yourself for a dinner, hell a dinner and a movie too.

You might find it rather refreshing – No one asks you questions, criticises what you are doing, sits in your vicinity, makes unnecessary sounds, breathes. It’s just you.

…And soon I was alone with just me, and I found that I was good company.

But these are just moments. Eventually I put on my patient face, my interested face, and my now genuine happy face, and continued to kick life’s butt.

Until next time, loneliness, my love.

Jenna Jay.


2 thoughts on “Table for one.

  1. Wow! Awesome post. This hit home! Exactly what I started doing when I moved into my own place last year. Always thought that going for supper alone made one look like a sad person. But I love doing it now. The staff at the local restaurant where I hang out gives me a hug when I come in and sometimes chats or leaves me alone and I’m happy that way. I’ve dsicovered I like my own company. Sometimes I just switch off from the world and social media and focus on me. There is nothing wrong with being alone…

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