made in China.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.”

– Eckhart Tolle

or in the words of Ice T….

“I don’t rhyme about guns I ain’t shot
Hoes I ain’t caught
Or shit I ain’t bought.”

Now both of these breathe the same sentiment. At first you might write off the latter because the message isn’t wrapped with a pretty pink bow, but truth is still truth even if the presentation doesn’t make you comfortable?

When it comes to writing its key to be authentic – nobody is drawn to anything with even a little hint of fakey.  Now I understand there is a percentage of my audience who might have their jaw a little lowered because I quoted the word “sh*t” above.

I realize I might be able to gain a larger Christian following if I had used “poop” instead of “sh*t”, I’d probably also gain greater (non-Christian) readership if I traded every “Jesus” for a more general “higher power” but the first would compromise the integrity of my writing and the second, the integrity of my heart.

In a world where we share everything…with everyone, there has been a drunk driverly swerve towards over sharing in a weak attempt to seem authentic. Yes, sharing all might smell real but its a seductive guise for the (stinky) truth.

Some fake things which have slightly annoyed me lately.

1. Fake CV’s
So what if you took out the “assistant” before your job title or extended one of your job durations to cover those 4 months you spent watching the gorgeous Neil Caffrey, with his stunning blue eyes solve crime after crime? You do understand that once you get the job you would actually need to display the said skills? Exaggeration, Stretched truths they’re all really just lies.

2. Fake Lifestyles.
One thing I am not turned on by is a man with a flashy car, especially if that flashy car is owned by the bank. As my mom taught me there are 3 seperations “the have’s”, “the have not’s” and then the deceptive “spend what they have not’s”. Still, aspiration is good. Having said that, I also believe we need to be aware of how it all works so that we don’t fool ourselves into fake happiness.

3. Fake Red velvet cupcakes.
No darling, adding red food coloring to vanilla sponge does not make it red velvet.

“fake seems to be the latest trend, and everyone seems to be in style.”

Jenna Jay.


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