men shmen.

You know those people/things who you feel are so awesome that if they got any more awesome their brains/mechanical insides would explode and smother your face in glitter?

I LOVE the inter webs. I really do. I thought it had reached its greatest level of awesomeage and then I came across this little estate. It’s called “He Texted“.

Concept  – you submit screen grabs of texts from guys and then other girls vote on how they think the guy feels about the girl. Either “He’s Into You” “He’s Not Into You” or “Verdict Is Still Out.”

 Here are some gems so that you get the idea and the faith in humanity which I have somewhat lost.

I fail to see why you needed anyone to reassure that “He’s not into you”

HUH? sorry what?


Now don’t get me wrong. There is so much about this site I hate.
The doucheyness of some men.
The women who not only put up with it but shamelessly expose the behavior they accept.
The entire concept – because we all know the easiest way to figure out how a dude feels about you isn’t by talking to him directly, but by asking anonymous people on the internet about it.

Anyways its good for some toilet reading.

On the topic of love. This was an unfinished blog post i had entitled “I’m sure you’re rather nice but…you see..”

“Can we go for a coffee?”

He looked lovely, he was a gentleman with hopeful eyes. After I cracked the joke about him needing to know I didn’t drink coffee before he was allowed to ask me out, my loud hearty laughing spurred on by his witty retort stopped.
I steeled myself.

“No.  Sorry – I’m a Christian.” escaped my lips as it had so many times before.
Thoughts bumper carred around my head – wait maybe he is too. Longing for a “Yes, me too” but I got an “Oh, ok.” the answer came ladened with confusion and wrapped in disappointment.
He rattled into a rebuttal about how his mother sent him daily devotions and his childhood was propped with Sunday school lessons he also reassured me that he had never missed an Easter nor a Christmas service.

“No really,” I said. “I’m… you know…. Christian Christian.”

The words jutted out like blunt daggers. They were unfilled with love. They judged his attempt at faith. They were irresponsible. They were reckless.
I wish I knew how to explain my faith in a far greater context. In the context of how I would not only treat someone I love but the person I disagree with, the person who has mocked me, the person who asked me on a date but I turned down because I am christian in the most unchristianly way. In the context of the love I wish I had shown that rainy evening at Bascule Bar, Cape Grace to a stranger.

We will fail, but at the same time be assured we will learn and we definitely will grow.

Jenna Jay.

….side note –  I don’t like douches but I definately like men – don’t get me wrong 🙂


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