dear future hubby.

dear future hubby.

Where the heck are you? HAHA JK…babe, nobody is meant to be alone so I think its best we find each other …and soon. I’m learning that strength comes in vulnerability and that even though I strive to be confident and Independent that it might be wildly exciting having you open doors for me.

Maybe I’m just lost, maybe were both just lost, maybe our compasses are malfunctioning – like while we are both searching for North my stupid compass says North even though its pointing me in the direction of South. Yup – lots of maybe’s but one thing is certain, I know He has a plan and I find tremendous comfort in that.

I have to be honest though I have been asking God to keep you lost for a little while. I want to be the woman you deserve so I’ve asked God for us to meet once I’ve worked on a few of my glitches.

I pray for you, I pray for finding you and sometimes I feel silly but then I remember that I’m really just asking God to give me what He wants me to have. God never intended for anyone to be alone. While I wait I promise to not to abuse my heart, I promise to not date people who do not edify me, I will uphold my purity, I will not apologize for my high standards and I will definitely not lower them.

I’ve been doing this amazing devotional about becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. You know how I always think I know everything? Especially about myself? shoo – this was a learning curve. I’ll keep writing to you about all the things I’ve learnt.

At first when reading the Proverbs 31 passage I was annoyed. How can I be all these things in one…This is a box I can’t fit into, but then I remembered that the outcome of submitting my life to the Holy Spirit is the fruit of the spirit so I can put down my checklist – you know how i love those.
Once I got past my little temper tantrum I began to listen and then learn…

10 – “wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies”

I got stuck on the “find” part of the scripture  – being annoyed that such a key part was left to you and out of my control but then I remembered you have some pretty legit backup, but while you’re searching I’m working on that Noble character thingy. When i say “I’m” I mean We…me and Jesus, Jesus and I – same diff.

Happy searching babe.
I love you.

Jenna Jay.


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