Its all about balance – This remains my motto
If you are exercising 3 hours a day, eating perfectly all.the.time I might be jealous of your body, but I am definitely not envious of your life.

Do what you can – do what you know you can stick to. I currently exercise about 5 hours a week which is 3% of my week. it is all I am willing/able to do and that makes it enough….for me…for now.

It’s all about a journey towards getting healthier no quick fixes, no guilt trips.

Update – I am now 8,45 kilos lighter –  in just over 4 months 🙂 – that ,45 matters 😉

I am a firm believer that you cannot out train a bad diet – here are some of the mistakes I’ve learnt along the way mostly to do with nutrition.

(disclaimer : I have not studied dietetics and my biggest source of knowledge is google.)

1. Drinking my calories.
To burn of ONE can of Coke you would need to walk at a medium pace for 40minutes. No thanks. (this is based on a 70kg person so I’m just generalizing)

2. Carbs are the enemy.
When you are sitting at your desk chowing down carbs is probably not the best Idea BUTT after an intense workout don’t feel bad about consuming carbs….why?
a. Eating carbs straight after a workout will help with carb cravings later on when metabolically you body can’t deal with them.
b. You will spike your insulin which helps stimulate growth hormones to help with recovery
c. Carbs generally taste awesome.

3. Not eating often enough.
I now eat about 7 meals a day before I could skip eating my entire work day and wondered why i was fat.
My metabolism is now about as fast as Usain Bolt.

4.Fats make you fat.
Fats help with cravings, improve mood, aid cell activity and keep me being an all round genius.

5. Light instead of lean.
Some scale bashing – weight is irrelevant – HUH? say what?
Don’t believe me? look here.

This is the same chick at the same weight….with a tan.

6. An apple cannot be a pear.
Learn your body shape. I am colored. I have hips. I will always have hips.

I would rather look like i work for my body than starve for it. Food is your friend.

Jenna Jay.


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