let me moon you.

Life’s too short for boring nails.

This weekend was fa-reezing not the normal kind of freezing – this was the type of temperature polar bears would whine about.

My weekend included series, friends, hairdye, bed, gym, houtbay market, tea, voila, church and more tea.

Here’s a quick tutorial – bear in mind i took these using my phone with wet nails so picture quality not so great – but you will get the basic idea.

Begin with a base coat make sure you get the cuticle part perfect the rest of your nail pretty much doesn’t matter.

Apply circular stickers at the base of your nails -they can be those ring binder reinforcements these dotty thingies or even those manicure guide stickers that nobody uses.

Apply the second Colour to the top portion of your nails.

Slowly peel off then apply a top coat

And all voila.

If its all too much – go for what I call the Monday moon 😉

Happy Monday!

Jenna Jay.


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