brazillian blowdry.

I tried the brazillian Blowdry with hopes that my life would be a little easier, but what i left with was more than i can imagine. Easy Summer hair that is healthy and feels amazingly soft.

I have hectic #colouredgirlproblems when it comes to my hair.

Although I have never really enjoyed super straight hair, the thought of getting out the shower and walking out the door really excited me. I have been hectically researching the “brazillian blowdry” and reading style blogs and couldn’t really find the truth and thought oh well let me try it out for myself.

I don’t promote this treatment if you have really thin hair as it might leave it limpy and looking flat, but if you’re like me and have spent many hours styling only to let the wind/rain ruin it all this will change your life. no lies.

The process is quite lengthy(3hours for me), but def worth the wait.

Hoping that this page will serve as a great help, Cant believe I’m willing to sacrifice my dignity and show you pictures of my “kroes” hair

kroes (adjective) – The term used for less desirable frizzy hair, usually endured by coloured women.

Before(highly embarassed)

Wet (*hide*)

Blowdried(look at the split ends and horrible condition)


1. Your Hair is washed with a cleansing shampoo to get rid of any dirt or product buildup, so that the treatment can penetrate.

2. The hair is seperated into sections and the Brasil Cacau product is painted onto each section

3. Your hair then gets air dried on a medium heat

my bush after the blowdry

4. Your hair is then flat ironed in very small sections, each piece get flat ironed 10 times, this seals in the keratin product

5. Once hours(almost2)of flat ironing were all completed she breaks the news to me that my hair needs to get washed again, i nearly had a breakdown.

6. a mask is applied.

This is now what my hair looks like wet :/ I couldnt believe it

It then gets blowdried  WITHOUT a brush for about 5min, and then ghd it for another 5min.

and this is the result 🙂


You need to wash your hair with a Sulfate free shampoo as a regular shampoo will strip the product off your hair. You can purchase these from my Bid or Buy….

I got up, washed my hair in the shower and blowdried just my fringe only to get a bit of volume and headed out the door, my hair looked shiny, straight and split endless.

Wet side by side comparison

dry side by side comparison

bear in mind the before(left) took and hour styling and the right took 10 min

Ladies – a brazillian blowdry is not a brazillian blowdry. There are lots of fakes which can actually leave your hair in a more damaged state than before.

The reason why i loved this product is that it wasn’t a chemical, it was a protein which they applied to my hair.

I now sell at home cadiveau brasil cacau kits, Aftercare Sulfate free Shampoo and Aftercare Sulfate Free Shampoo delivered to anywhere in SA. – contact me at or buy direct from my bid or buy….

or via shop.

Jenna Jay.


4 thoughts on “brazillian blowdry.

  1. Hi there! So glad I came across your blog! I also have long kroes hare. And with Durbans humidity, it just makes it impossible to keep this hair looking good all the time! I just have a question, is it possible for someone to do it at home without damaging their hair? And does the cacai really have no harmfull gases n chemicals?

  2. Girl. Your blog post left me laughing so hard. But thank you thank you thank you!!!! I tried the original brazillian blowout zero. Its got 1% chemicals, and I didnt use it again. i couldnt wash my hair for 3 days and the smoke that came out when they flat ironed it burnt my eyes so bad. I then tried the Diora Keratherapy at Partners. Its chemical free but cos me blady R2570, money I just dont have to spend every three months on hair. I didn’t let them flat iron the full 14 times to make it straight, cos I love my curly hair. I just wanted it tamed. The results are great, but my hair is still no just wash and go. I am so keen to try your product. I have so many questions tho. Is there anyway to get in touch with you? Perhaps via email or the phone.

    My email is

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