you have to start by starting.

Now I realize that this probably should have been the first post I wrote but I was definitely not a kid who colored inside the lines. Better late than never I guess?

Since my last post Ive had lots of people asking how to start and my answer is start.

What are you doing?
You have to know where you are going in order to get there so get that sorted up front – be realistic with your goals – you are not going to get a six pack in a week.

Trash the trash.
Get rid of all easily accessible temptations around you and the getting rid part cannot be aided by your mouth.

Get a water bottle.
Not a 200ml one. I reiterate my statement in my last post – I am lazy. If I needed to refill my water bottle every 30minutes chances are I wouldn’t.

Befriend a nerd.
By nerd i mean gym nerd. Find someone who is buff and ask them questions, lots of questions – Maybe I was excessive as my nerd (trainer) Shaun owned a supplement store but I owe a lot of my progress to people who have dished out their ‘secrets’ and i say ‘secrets’ cos I am going to share them all with you. muhahaha. (follow him SN_CapeQuarter for some easy tips).

Dear diary.
Write stuff down – your measurements, weight, exercise, food.
There are some really cool apps to help – “my fitness pal” which I have on my blackberry and iPhone really helps to jot down everything – its simple and even allows you to scan barcodes to log your calorie intake.

Be your own paparazzi.
There are so many people who use pictures on the internet of fitness models as motivation (ladies realize these women work out for a living, their body is their job)
My greatest motivation is looking at my “before” pictures and realizing how badly I do not want to go back to that.

Its not about the money.
I don’t have a trainer, I need a heart rate monitor, gyms expensive – weh weh weh.
The power of typing “how to lose weight” into Google is immense – harness that power.
There are various FREE iPhone and Blackberry apps to help with showing you exercises and correct form for targeting different areas.
You can download exercise DVDS for ‘free’ online (Here you might need to weigh up how badly you wanna lose weight with how badly you don’t want to be incarcerated)

Don’t believe me? Check these guys working out in a park on freaking monkey bars.

No excuses – life’s better when your moving.

Jenna Jay.


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