Technology is awesome…for most.

I absolutely love online shopping.
No Parking
The store never closes
Search boxes instead of (mostly useless) sales assistants
The double thrill – First when you purchase it and then when it arrives (I am aware this might make me sound like a bit of a junkie. But Im not…i think.)

I used to predominantly use international online stores (asos.com and the likes) but pesky customs and getting up early to collect my parcel from the post office was really killing my buzz.

Enter Takealot.com
They ship to your door for free
You can shop from UK and USA imports and they will handle the shipping as well customs
They are quick – I once ordered a heater at 11h00 and it arrived at the studio at 15h00.

This may…or may not be what my desk looks like.

last week saw the launch of Mr.Price Online
Avoid their messy shelves(stocked with everything conveniently in every size besides yours) long queues and the ever annoying “Mr Price radio”
They will ship to your door for R35 (no matter how much you buy!)

Happy shopping!…not so happy credit Card

“Well…Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist” -Tammy faye Bakker

Jenna Jay.


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