Honesty – thats all you’re getting.

Just 3,5 months ago I had never entered a gym(unless forced) I ate/drank what I wanted when I wanted (which was often) so bear in mind that I am a Fitidiot and take what I say with caution 😉

I am going to share my personal experiences with you in an attempt to help you (where I can) but a large part of this return to my blog is for selfish reasons.

“Every excuse I ever heard made perfect sense to the person who made it. ”
― Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

I am an excuse extraordinaire and this will provide some form of accoutability.

What I did. 

Month 1

Gym – About 2-3 times a week (Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training sessions)

Food – Still ate pretty much everything I wanted

Supplements – Multi Vit, Amped Fat Burner

Mood – Apathetic, lazy, drained.

Results for the month – Dropped a kilo.

Month 2

Gym – 3-4 sometimes 5times a week (Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training sessions)

Food – Ate what I wanted but over 6 meals a day instead of larger quantites less often.

Supplements – Multi Vit, Amped Hardcore Fat Burner (First 2 weeks) Mach 3 (Second 2 weeks), Glutamine

Mood – Awake

Results for the month – dropped 2,3 kilos

Month 3

Gym – 4-6 times a week (Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, HIIT, Fasted Morning Cardio, Running)

Food – 6 meals a day (2 of these shakes) the rest consisted mainly of

Chicken boobs, Veg, Oats, Fruit, Nuts, Tuna, Wholewheat Grains, Yoghurt

Weekends I still pretty much ate what I liked within reason (this probably wont ever change 😉 )

Supplements – Multi Vit, Break from Fat burners, Glutamine, Protein Shakes

Mood – Focussed, awake, driven, happy

Results for the month – dropped 3,2kg

Stuffs I learnt.

Eating clean is key to any body transformation! But in saying that I probably only eat clean 60% of the time. Extremes like taking on a Paleo/Vegan diet or 30day detoxes were just not going to work for me, I’m stubborn and did not want to commit to anything I didn’t think I would be able to stick to. So I avoided the whole spiral of shame and rather celebrated the small changes i had made.

Do weight Training – even if you are the only chick in front of the mirror surrounded by douches – weight training is essential for toning.

Stay hydrated.

Get a friend who is your constant accountability partner – I have this in my brother 🙂

Get rid of easily accessible junk – I’m lazy so knew the chances of me consuming junk was decreased significantly if I had to use some form of energy to get it.

I am now halfway through month 4 total weight lost 7,4kilos. Previous Jeans Size 34 current Jeans size 28.

I will continue to Journal my progress and any tips I’ve learnt along the way. Hope this is has been a tad bit helpful….if not I hope its made you more hopeful.

Remember 1 hour is a mere 4% of your day – you deserve it.

Jenna Jay.


3 thoughts on “Honesty – thats all you’re getting.

  1. Inspired… Joining gym today. Hoping to be in my size 28 bikini by December… You’ve given my hope.

    Going home to take my “before pic”. Look out for Gino and I in our speedo’s this summer 😉

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