so fresh, so clean.

So In a wild attempt to be all suave and what not, I have updated my blog.

It consists of pretty much the old awesomeness but wrapped up in a prettier theme. Ok that awesomeness part was just a grappie before some of you think I have the ego the size of…I was trying to think of something really large and humorous to put here, but its Friday and my brain hurts.

You think ah but its just a silly blog, but in recent nights I’ve actually woken up and went WAIT!! should I put the links on THE RIGHT SIDE?? what about a twitter widget?? Then I’m like OK Jenna there are wars going on and the location of links and font typeface is not such big a deal. But I’m one of those people who obsesses about detail. People forget how important details are like when packing a parachute, I rate details are pretty key.

Which reminds me I have Skydiving with my colleagues in the morning (weather permitting) this will def be blogged about in detail. Sidenote – we were instructed that you could only skydive if you weighed under 105kg, just made me think  – if you were 104 would you still jump? How does one even come up with that figure? I feel for the poor 105kg who had to test that out.

So I got an invite to my friends kids first birthday party next month which made me realise a few things.

1. for starters – I’m old.

2. how awesome it is to be an “aunt” – you get to buy cute stuff and not have to worry about the consequences or them behaving badly.

3. how badly I want to now have kids. I must admit I was never really a fan of them (not entirely sure youre allowed to say that…out loud) but this baby has definately helped changed my mind!

Like I have to admit I’m kinda getting old and I definately plan on reproducing but sometimes at night I swear I hear my own ovaries ticking.

Also – It reminds me that I used to play a lot with Barbies as a kid, like a lot a lot, and earlier while reading about Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchen, I realized that I am still playing Barbies, but just not with Barbies.

On the fatty side – Even though i had about a 2 week hiatus during the Easter season and the ridiculous influx of chocolate in cute animal shapes, I’m down 4 kilograms. WHOOP! I know this is going to plateau pretty soon though. But I promise to blog through the good, bad and painful. Had a break from my regular trainer for about 3 weeks but he returns next week and promises to be more abusive than ever.

So expecting some big results.

Ok some lags(stolen from 9gag) to nudge you over to weekend 🙂

This is really funny cos I know a few people like this…


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