you be you.

Today is a fun post, why? because I’m fun, and it’s wednesday and its raining and you should laugh? why because laughing is fun, like me.

Just a few things that Ive noticed people often say and what I think they actually mean.

have fun 😉

“Im on my way”/ “Im around the corner” – I just got out the shower

“hows this weather hey?” – I will say ANYTHING, even discuss a ridiculously boring topic like the humidity level in order to avoid this awkward silence.

“You’re like a brother to me.” – You’re nothing like a brother, but were never kissing.

“Not to be rude but…” Brace yourself I’m about to get rude.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Your boyfriends a douche.

“You can come if you want to.” Please don’t come.

 “Do you want to leave soon?” Lets go, right NOW!

“Who’s going to be there?” Your presence alone is ok but definately not enough to get me to come.

and finally…

”Nothings wrong, I’m just tired.” Prepare. For. War.

since were talking about being yourself – some photoshop FAILs 🙂



I don’t know what you’re going on about? looks completely legit?

Happy wednesday.

Jenna Jay.


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