biggest loser.

“So, how’s the whole new working out thing going?”

—-”Not so good hey”

“OOPS, sorry I asked”

—”But, I’ve been eating really well, except for yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow too.”

This is the conversation I had with a friend a couple of weeks back – alot has changed (i hope).

Were obsessed with changing ourselves, if your hair is straight you want it curly, if you’re short you would prefer to be tall, white, tanned, skinny – oh no wait.

 Another thing were obsessed with is “weight loss”

You can sign up for weight loss programs which help you with weight loss eating plans and weight loss supplements and weight loss training programs by your weight loss coach to achieve ultimate weight loss (for your wallet).

By no means am I any form of expert, infact I admit I am a fail when it comes to fitness but i think its probably alot simpler than what we make it and being the nerd that I am i obviously made up a formula

less calories taken in, in smaller portion sizes more frequently + more exercise means you simply have got to lose weight? I don’t think thats really actually a formula, but you get the point…

Started my first session with Shaun AKA Hitler this week from SN Cape Quarter* and I still cant really get dressed, type or walk properly for that matter. But he assures me that this will get better with time and chucks in a few “no pain, no gain” sayings to help ease the pain.

You don’t even need to join a really expensive gym, especially if you’re starting out and don’t want to commit to dishing out hordes of money, mine is dirt cheap but its a bit of a crap box. Its really small and the machines are pretty limited in number but on days where I feel like being rocky it has everything I need, especially when the weather is poop –  I can run, bike, lift weights, etc. all under one (very small) roof.

Even though the pain is still prancing around in my muscles there is nothing better than the sense of accomplishment, strength, and well bad-assery I get after finishing a workout.

And when I don’t go there is that annoying little thing called guilt.

what a sneaky bugger.

Its like I split myself into two – the one more “witchy” (;)), skinny part standing over the fatty condemning it for being a lazy slob.

If anything I go to gym just to avoid the skinny “witch”.

Yes I could say i’m doing all of this to be healthy and live a long and fruitful life but I wont lie I also would like to be less fat.

I am going through the process of taking pics, measuring myself, body fat percentage etc and will chronicle my journey to saying goodbye to the fatty.

I’m also drawing up my goals – If you don’t aim for something you will always miss.

Excited to start this journey.

*Visit SN Cape Quarter for professional advice, supplement needs may it be weight loss, weight gain or just general wellness. hehe just a little plug 😉

They are really helpful and have a professional athlete, Marco in store who will help you even if you’re clueless like me.

Me and My bro have personally used products from their store and i promise it works 🙂

Whats not working is this lady’s exercise style…

Jenna Jay.


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