Pokemon – Gotta catch em all.

HAHA so you thought this was going to be a funny post?  psych.

But since you’re here and already chowed your bandwidth loading the page you might as well read it 🙂

Money, Love, Success, Family, Friendship.

Which is most important?

The media constantly pushes the idea that we’ve gotta get em all, perfectly balanced, perfectly right, all. the. time.

Today I took a stop and think –

So I am not saying that having all of these silmultaneously is impossible, nor am i saying that everyone even wants tons of babies, success and loads of cash monies, I do think however that its ok for us to just admit that balancing it all is pretty tough?

What about the journey?

We often just focus on the end “ideal” and chase after it, but when your sitting in your mansion, with your 2.5 kids, a ridiculously goodlooking, witty, fun, partner by your side,the CEO of your own multinational company and a relaxed unstressed wisdom filled being its not like somebody is going to give you some accolade for being able to “get it all”, nor are you going to get a massive injection of happiness, whats really going to count is how rewarding the journey of getting there was.

Today take a second to find joy, peace, excitement in what might seem like the simple, mundane – A cup of tea, the lame joke your not so funny husband tells you, the dogs wag of the tail when you arrive home, or the macoroni cheese your having for the millionth time at dinner.

Scrap the scorecards – Live everyday with Love, compassion and excellence.

Since i’m on such a positive vibe –

Jenna Jay.


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