Laugh yourself skinny?

Yesterday I climbed a mountain, like a really big one too.

When i got to the top my friend asked if i felt awesome. There was no bubbly feeling, mostly just pain.

But we do crazy things to keep in shape, could laughing be a substitute excercise?

I was keen to find out, so last night i launched into an in-depth scientific study…in other words i plodded onto Google.

ok, so laughing doesn’t burn THAT many calories. poop.

BUT there are tons of other benefits.

If you can’t laugh at yourself here is an opportunity to laugh at me…

In a fairly formal email i wrote “PUBIC holiday” instead of “PUBLIC holiday”…#FAIL

We really take life too seriously sometimes, yes yes i know there are times where we need to be.

But there are places where super serious things dont belong…like Facebook, Ive seen a spurt of really serious status updates, you know the kind where somebody is obviously angry with a particular person but the write a ridiculously long, enraged, specific complaint and adresses it to “someone”

E.g “Dont you hate it when someone is supposed to be your friend, but then they date your ex 2 months after you break up with them?”

Other funny things we do on facebook, and by “we” I actually mean you guys. ๐Ÿ˜›

1. Discuss how you hate facebook on facebook status and threaten to leave facebook to your facebook friends.

2. Telling everyone how wasted you are going to get tonight. Trust me this will all be made clear by the pictures you get tagged in tomorrow.

3. Posting a photo of some random inanimate object with a genetic filter from your new latest iphone app. Yes i know everything looks cool with that filter, but at the end of the day a table is still a table.

4. Baby photos – ok, these are occasionally cool, but there are limits.

Here is my baby – photo. Here is the baby food – photo. Here is the spoon containing the baby food being inserted in the babies mouth – photo. here is the bowl where the food was that my baby just ate-photo.

If you got offended by my last paragrah…go reread my first couple of paragraphs ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe.

A day without laughter is a day wasted. – Charlie Chaplin

Jenna Jay.


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