I surprised myself by liking suprises.

“I hate surprises” Is a well uttered phrase.

This week I surprised myself by liking surprises.

I am one of those people who plans meticulously, you know, the annoying kind.

But I can’t help it – its who I am, It’s what I do for a living.

Ask me what I’m doing for the next 2 weeks and I can ramble it off hour by hour with ease.

But this week I was thrown off guard and the spontaneity was SO energizing!

 I don’t know why people hate surprises from a young age we were taught to love them.

Look at lucky packets. Lets face it lucky packets usually comprise of cheap sweets and a defective miniature toy, but it’s the thrill of the unknown. Proof that were even willing to pay for surprises.

I went to the gym – Surprise :/ yup thats my reaction too.

Don’t get me wrong – the gym is for everyone, its just lots of fun categorizing.

1.The Nudist –

I had my first gym shower the other day. I went to an all girls highschool, but naked women still freak me out, okay so my thing is, I know you’re showering and you obviously need to be naked for that part, but blowdrying your hair nude, is that really necessary? Can we welcome Modesty back into the locker room?

I think I might have some form of Locker Room anxiety.

2.The gym douches

These are my favourites. Don’t know who these are? You will find them at the mirror. They often come in packs, and make remarks about their gym activity. Their attire will consist of gloves, kidney belts and wife beaters.

3. Gym Bunny.

Their entire outfit matches from socks to hair tie – you can often find them in the locker room applying make up before their workout.

4.The Guy who makes a lot of noise.


If you look at him funny I feel like he’s gonna say: “Hey whats your problem? can you not see How much Im curling? thats like Curling the equivalent of 12 babies, human babies”

Ok enough Gym bashing 🙂


Tomorows Friday – Whoop.

Wishing you lots of happy suprises.

Jenna Jay.


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