29 is better than 28.

Its a leap year – you should know this, well you would if you’ve been on any form of social network.

I like February.

Its like the rebel of all the months, it never conforms to the usual 30/31 days and every four years there is a buy 28 get 1 free vibe, just sucks that it had to be a weekday.

I don’t like the cheap attempt at Feminism that this day has instilled. Really? are you giving us one day to take initiative and the other 364 we should hush? Seems like a guy came up with that one.

Feminist rant over.

Oh and then there’s the 14th of this lovely February.

Yes, this brings about emotions, positive or negative, but emotions none the less.

I had a conversation with a friend the day before and he was extremely negative in light of previous relationships, i too make the occasional joke which might include throwing bombs at the male species.

Yet I remain positive regarding future love prospects.

To love is to be vulnerable to loss. This is true for everyone. Which is a scary thought if you harp on it too long. But i reminded him that the alternative, which is safety, brings no reward.

Im happily single…for now.

The silver lining is that on the 15th Woolworths marks down all the valentines choccies and candy’s.

Some of my random thoughts this Feb…

Small talk is an art.

I’m a producer/accountant/do what ever needs to be done person at a recording studio, and this means coming across people who you have never met before, constantly.

things ive learnt.

Listen more than you talk. Woah was this a challenge.

have what i call “exit-lines” ready.

be shallow – “how is your sex life” is probably not the best opener.

Ive noticed that there are two things people ask you when they meet you for the first time.

What is your name?

What is it that you do?

I dislike (i would use hate but hate is a very strong word) these questions

They don’t actually say anything about who we are.

Our name says something about our parents.

Our job says something about the world.

Haircuts – there are never any positives to them

I really dislike talking to the person cutting my hair. I just really don’t want to talk about my life to someone who just scrubbed my scalp. Also, I don’t believe in multi-tasking, do one thing and do it well. My hair. No talking.

And then at the end of it all you have to deal with having less hair than you did when you started.

I don’t care that much about it being less, thats kind of the point but its always exponentially less than it should be, might this be avoided with less talking? just saying.

ok on a lighter note.

At the end of my blog I reread it to check that I haven’t awkwardly spelt things wrong or said there instead of their and then run the risk of looking like a chop and then at the end of it (even though its my own blog) I have this reaction


and i can’t help but wonder why i still have people subscribed?

thanks for reading.


Today, you are smarter than yesterday.

Jenna Jay.


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