i miss you.

here is 10 ways to make girls smile, and by girls i mean me.

basically this is a cheat sheet.

1. pay attention – if i chop off half my hair, i want you to notice.

2. Give her enough space to keep her desired independance.

3. Tell her shes pretty, beautiful. not hot, sexy.

4. Make things special without spending lots of money.

I once had a guy buy me a watermelon #truestory probably one of the best presents i have ever received.

5. Listen.

ok im getting bored…

Things that have been on my mind.

Have you ever tried to Tweet something, but then, the silly Twitter machine froze while it was still trying to publish your Tweet? And then, all you want to do is Tweet about how your Twitter machine is frozen, but you can’t, because it’s still trying to publish your other Tweet about Justin Bieber?

It’s funny how the perception of one’s self differs from the truth. Like, I forever thought I was even tempered and laid back. NOT TRUE. What I am is understanding and tolerant of different points of view. But, I am not laid back about it. Like,  tapdance, if you happen to think tapdance is important then awesome! I personally think tapdance is lame, but I won’t argue with you about it.

I am obsessed with celebrate plastic surgery you know those filler and Botox thingies. Why do people do that to their face? It’s so weird that these famous people would rather look alien than have a few age lines.  It’s like alien is the new standard of beauty.

I’ve been researching how much water you are supposed to drink and I read that you are supposed to drink mass amounts of fluids while traveling, by mass amounts i heard 1 250ml glass of water for every 10 pounds you have. That’s like 12 glasses of water. Who has time for that? If it takes you 5minutes to drink a glasses of water, thats 1 hour a day spent drinking water, are you joking? I’d rather watch and episode of Boston Legal and then sleep for a further 20minutes.

Speaking about time, you have probably wasted about 10minutes of your life reading my useless thoughts, so now i will post some things i found funny in the hope that you will laugh and i will feel fulfilled knowing that i at least made you laugh, because laughs are worthwhile, so so worthwhile. I often think the world would be a lot better if we were able to just laugh at ourselves a bit more.

all stolen from 9gag.

that is all.

Jenna Jay.


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