meet mary and nathan.

Ive been following an amazing womans blog. Her name is Mary.

  Mary was diagnosed with fibromylagia/chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome at age 9. Now 27, Mary blogs about her daily battles, with a positive spirit and infectious humour that brightens my day, without fail.

Although Mary does not know that I exist or secretly stalk her, her spirit has inspired me.

Things Ive learnt from Mary.

1. Just do today – Do whats right in front of you, and do it well.

2. Be ok with your past  – who cares if high school sucked, you’ve kissed a yucky boy or you failed your grade 3 spelling test.

The past cannot be changed, focus on the changeable, the reachable, the future.

and 3. keep pushing.

no matter what you are going through, push, but when you push do it with a smile and a giggle.

when visiting my ridiculously awesome friend Keilah for our treasured catch up and tea dates I raided her book collection and picked up “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan – a must read for all

In one section he talks about ordinary people who have stepped out and done extraordinary things.

Meet Nathan.

Nathan is a missionary doctor who devoted 60 years of his life to use his skills in Ethiopia.

Once Nathan got toothache and because the pain was so severe he had to be flown from the missionary field to seek medical attention.

Nathan instructed the dentist to remove all of his teeth so that he wouldn’t slow down God’s work in Ethiopia.

I hope Nathan and Mary have inspired you.

Jenna Jay.


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