you can’t be a hundred before being ninety nine first.

So I realised that I blog mostly when something angers me, but i feel that there are a few situations that should leave you feeling a bit unsettled.

I will now begin to rant about a few things that i don’t think are cool.

1. Kids who grow up too soon.

I feared that one day i would turn into my mother/grandmother and utter these words – Enjoy being a kid while it lasts.

She is 13.

A million questions race to the front of my mind. poop.

If picking up dog poop is too much too handle, here’s a crazy idea – don’t get a dog.

3. Not being punctual.

this really gets me going, especially people who are late for church….every week.

So the last 5 times you have come 5 minutes late, does this not send alarms that you need to maybe leave 10minutes before you usually do.

Being late for something usually shows how important you think it is. ouch.

4.people who use their blog as a ranting space. oops.

okay so now for some happier funsy stuffs.

why do you never cheat on a tattoo artist? –  this is why?

Ryan Fitzgerald is a tattoo artist who found out that his girlfriend had cheated on him with one of his close friends, instead of confronting her he planned revenge. Pretending everything was still normal with their relation Fitzgerald proceded to start his tattoo of “a scene from Narnia” on his girlfriend.

what she ended up with, was this.


while were on the topic of animal excretement….

moral of the story – Don’t cheat, chances (according to my survey) are 2/2 that it will land up with some form of poop retaliation.

Jenna Jay

(note to self – don’t include any poop in next blog post)


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