Has it been that Long?

3 weeks since my last post? say what. Yes thats testimony to the hecticness of my recent life.

“Determine never to be idle… It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”

— Thomas Jefferson

This post like 97% of my others, has no theme.

Things that have made my heart smile.

1.Last week was my High school’s 5 year reunion.

I was hesitant about going, Can you imagine the awkwardness? a group of 23 year old girls, some of whom I havent spoken to in 5 years, some of whom i had never said a single word to in the 5 years we actually occupied the same building, all trying to prove that they had made a success of the last 5 years of their existence.

BUT – I went, armed with my 6 pack of Hunters and treats. Im not going to lie, a large part of my motivation for going was curiosity.

But everyone was lovely, relatively normal, and hadn’t gained excessive amounts of weight, and i had a wonderful time. Old connections reformed, met new people(yes i know thats not really what reunions are for) had some good food and some good wine. a happy friday.

2. Hello Sailor Bistro with a group of my favourites on Saturday eve. you need to visit this place.

3.i bought 6 items on ASOS today.

4. At the risk of sounding like Miss Black – Tomorow is Friday.

Things that made my heart frown.

So there is def a new trend in these “cutesy” hipster display pictures/profile pictures. They really wanna make me scoop my eyeballs out, with a teaspoon.

Using my very poor photo editing skills i made this. Simply entitled – Ode to the idiotic wannabe hipster individuals.

I saw this one …

is that not the most idiotic thing you have heard all day?

If not, read this…#humanityfail

Things that made me lag.

These guys have spent the day installing poles to ensure that nobody can park on the pavement, how long till they realise where they have parked?

This kid is #winning.

Jenna Jay.


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