Please consider this a friendly PSA.

While having a cup of tea and a yummy cinnamon doughnut this morning, i came across this

what? are you dom.

My favourite line is the last line, almost like the new layout is a plus?

Facebook will never charge its customers.


3.8 billion dollars in ad revenues this year, I’m sure they not eating peanut butter on  bread for supper.

if you still dont believe me – Our Cocky friends at facebook posted this

other things that aren’t going to happen –

free ipads, iphones.

A fire alarm going off 5min before your presentation/oral you are dreading.

prizes for being the 1(insert zeros)th site visitor.

seeing some ridiculous video by clicking a link on facebook – they will spam you and you WILL annoy your “friends.

BBM shutting down, and if it does, broadcasting some message wont save you.

Taxi’s letting you cut in.

some funnies to get you through Hump day 🙂

I don’t know if I want to live in this world anymore.




my random thoughts –

who or what is jagger? and he/she/it better be an amazing dance.

yay im not the only one

why are pizza boxes square when pizza’s are round?

Jenna Jay.


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