Dear facebook.

yes, I refuse to even begin your name with a Capital.

yesterday’s update was the final straw, we need to have a word, mister.

So initially we were cool, i digged chilling with you, you were always there to comfort me when i got bored or was waiting for someone/thing. You kept me in touch with all my “friends”, acquaintances and people i think went to school with me since we have 32 mutual friends and those 32 are all from my school. Oh and Oprah, who was kind enough to add me, but i then unfriended mainly because i found out it was a british 30year old man. Maybe you should think about getting a verified logo, my friend twitter has it, its rather RAD.

 you are nice though, you give needy people a place to go.

But then those apps came along…oh boy “those” apps. But i gave you the benefit of the doubt, its not your fault that I have friends who would find joy in virtually growing pumpkins.

you never listen to me or any of my friends. whenever you reinvent yourself, we whine, but 3 months later you change everything around…again. How many times have we asked for something as simple as a dislike button?

youve taken away the status bar, is that not what you are fundamentally about? idiot.

I hate the cocky way you think you know what i wanna see, who i wanna be friends with. stop trying to control me.

You have NEVER cared about my privacy. NEVER.Setting your default as open was mean, just mean, and now you continue changing your privacy settings so i have to continually check that my privacy settings are actually “private”. Funny thing is most people use “what is your mothers maiden name?” as their security question, and i could probably find this out by just adding them and then sifting through all their girl BFF’s listed as sister and find their mom.

Ive taken my things and you can find me here.

From Me. (Notice how i didn’t use love Me)

by the way – “poking” – whos genius idea was that?

“Facebook – always changing, never improving” – Jenna Jay Lange

i unfriended someone today, on their birthday, but i wished them first. Does this make me a bad person? will Santa still bring me presents?

something to make you giggle.

is this thing on?

Jenna Jay.


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