Proudly South African.

So its Rugby World Cup time and I’m not excited.
Ive received a lot of flack for this.
but the thing is –
I don’t like rugby.
But i love our country.

So what makes you patriotic?
10 flags flying off every spot on your car from which a flag (most likely made in China) could possibly be hung off?
painting your face?
getting drunk on Castle Lager and Singing “hier kom die bokke” at a braai with your chyna’s?

how about reading the manifestos of Political parties before you vote, and make an informed decision about the future of this country.
hashtag justsaying.

So about 2 months ago i had no idea who Ard Matthews is,
until I heard about his blunder-
He forgot the words to the national anthem while singing it on National Television.
Like me, he also loves South Africa.
if you havent seen it –

Ard Matthew makes a oopsy.nandos response to this made me giggle.

well for those of you who still don’t know the anthem.
heres a little help.
This HILARIOUS video will definately make you monday a bit brighter. I LOL’d for the entire 1:43 Minutes
(you can thank me later 😉 )

this post goes out to two of my favourite boys –

 Yussi living with this guy is like having a personal nerd/guy who can buy or sell anything/cook/true friend.


my Nucca for life. #nuffsaid.

Jenna Jay.


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