boys. okes. manne. dudes. guys.

meh – i don’t want any of those, i want me a gentleman.

So this blogpost is inspired by a silly line somebody said to me this weekend –

“He’s hot and he really likes you, why don’t you just go for him?”

now i have a really long answer to this, but i ended up saying “I’m just not that into him”

I think a more appropriate answer would have been “I’m just not that into going against God’s plan in order to settle for my temporary lust”

there are a few things i want to put on the record.

Ladies…you are beautiful.

and this is so true….

“Lord, I pray that as I wait you are moulding me into a top apple.” – Jenna Jay Lange.

I think I’ve had quite a few cheap imitations of what i thought LOVE was.

I’m waiting on that designer piece, patiently. Someone who is authentic, whos fabric is that of God.

Exciting part is that as I wait, God is building me up, but at the same time building Him up.

Everybody NEEDS to watch this clip –

I will wait for you.


I love my strong christian sisters – Amy(x3), Anna, Courtney, Iulia, Jennay, Joy, Keilah, Kelly F. Lauren F, Lauren T, Peninah, Pietrie, Robyn, Ronwyn, Sam, Stacey, Zodwa

who are waiting, like Ruth…

Jenna Jay.


3 thoughts on “boys. okes. manne. dudes. guys.

  1. SOOOOOO true!!!!! i love it! I just wish many girls would think like this and actually wait upon God… as He has someone prepared for them, who is also undergoing the whole process of being carefully built.. so that at the right time, when the two unite..deep down, you’ll just know that God sent you to each other… Love your blogposts peach!xx

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