when was the last time you saw a butterfly?


so a friendy of mine bought me smarties today and my eyes glistened, the joy of a box of smarties for somebody with food OCD is unbearable,

so many colours to be eaten in specific order really brings sunshine to my Tuesday.

BUT i opened it…

and it was like opening your christmas gift only to find out that its the latest britney spears CD.

life is just better when Smarties have artificial colourants.

life is also better with



winnie the pooh.

game cartridges that you need to blow on when they don’t work.


and remember when…

people only cried at funerals or when they fell.

goodbye meant your cartoon was finished.

baddies were only fairytales and never triumphed.

you had 4 sets of holidays in a year.

i could where ridiculous outfits like this and it would be “cute”

Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.
Winnie the Pooh

Jenna Jay.


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