Ok so everybody knows about my lil addiction to online shopping especially ASOS.

Its the future. you select items from the comfort of your home, pay, and then get a lil parcel of gems.

whats not to love?

well i tell you whats not to love – shipping costs. customs. international returns.

but i think i might have found the answer – 36boutiques.

a new(ish) South african based Online store.

I had the urge to reach for my card and do some serious damage, but I have decided not to buy myself any clothing for the entire month of Sacrifice for Somalia september  – an initiative birthed by my awesome church, Harfield 🙂

so instead i went and had a look –

I was amazed by the vast range of clothing, brands include

Michelle Ludek, Elle Macpherson, Apple Bottom (jeans boots with the furrrrr),G couture and Even Foschini.

They have a daily flashsale as well.

bring on 1 october.

elsewhere in South Africa –

You think you so main with your Louis Loafers? My whole house be Louis yo. Word to your mother.


by the way this stuff is amazeballs. getting me through this monday.

Jenna Jay.


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