Gotta get down on Friday.

so today was suppose to be an ordinary Friday, right?

well imagine you’re me and aren’t into the whole Rugby Shmugby stuff.

I was supposed to wake up, go to work, do some admin catchup, and then leave for my lovely weekend. HA!

Firstly whats up with this weather?! Bipolar of note.

Well cut a long story short i write this wearing pumps and a short sleeve tee (and pants of course). while watching the

rain pour down outside the office window#FAIL.

What makes it worse is I’m leaving straight from work, and in my geniusness i cleaned out my boot,

which contained a variety of heat facilitators, just yesterday. #doubleFAIL.

My dreams last night just confused me, they were all very real and included people I know but doing weirdly odd things.

i had short hair.

two of my close friends who have never met got married(so keen to introduce them now 😉 ).

i had a cat named snoekie as a pet(not a fan of cats)

my brother played the violin.

Since Ive woken up these bizarre thoughts have been playing through my mind.

Theyve left me thinking about life. There goes my superficial numb minded friday.

 so for 20min this morning i had a cup of tea and started drawing up my ‘bucket list’.

Excerpts from “stuff i wanna do before i die.”

Go to portugal.

Be an extra in a movie.

Go to Hillsong Conference in Aus.

Ride on a Foefie slide.

Write a children’s story book, illustrated with stick figures.

Have an afternoon Family bike ride (well first have to get the family) through Paris Countryside.

Own a commercially sold range of clothing.

inspire someone to reach one of their dreams.

Fly in a hot air balloon.

knit a scarf.

Learn to dance.

Fall in love.


Oh and please don’t send me more hate messages about how I’m unpatriotic. I love SA, it’s the sport that bores me.

hashtag Justsaying.

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

Jenna Jay.


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