Adventures through the Interwebs.

A few interesting/disturbing/funny/clever/not so clever titbits from my travels.

NONE of it informative or useful, ALL of it entertaining.

Like it’s funny, but its actually not.


This is what i feel like when my bank recon balances. this girl is WINNING.

Next time you wanna make a joke about female drivers….


Dear Common Sense, I miss you. Please come back, people are going crazy without you. Literally. Love Jenna Jay.


Telling time fail.


hiking attire fail.


humanity failing….

I cant tell if its racist, or just stupid.


From the streets of Facebook…

no caption required.


I leave you with my heartfelt poem.

Roses are Red.

Facebook is blue.

We have NO mutual friends.

So who on Earth are you?


Jenna Jay.

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