note – This post has really no theme, well maybe it does :

Me. Life. Thoughts. Rants.

Today is Monday, and yesterday was Sunday, day before that was Saturday and Collaboratively its called the weeeeeekend. If Rebecca can state the Obvious why can’t i eh? 🙂

in case you haven’t heard Beyonce & Jayz are having a baybee.

I LOVE how this guy is trying to profit off of it.

so i found this site – don’t ask, just bask in its awesomeness.

You can upload two pictures and it creates a picture of your future baby

I took the liberty of Uploading Jayz and beyonce’s pic and now all the speculation can stop. This is what Beyonjay will look like 🙂

elsewhere in america –

A 54 year old man was arrested for biting a snake.

what? when i first heard this i thought it was a grappie (a small joke for the afrikaansless) but after Google confirmed it i Had to find out more.

what was he arrested for? how much would his bail be?

answers.  suspicion of unlawfully maiming or mutilating a reptile. $10 000.

Senk (The biter) Says he has no recollection of the incident, and that he blames his actions on his drinking problems.

Pretty sure this is not what Jamie Foxx was thinking about with…blame it on the alcohol.

so i arrive at work this morning and outside the building is one of these –

i don’t get it?

min·i  (mn)n. pl. min·is : 1. Something that is distinctively smaller than other members of its type or class.

2. Denoting a miniature version of something.

Dads – Oh how we love them.

Watch this inspiring Video of GiuGiu playing “Souvenir D’enfance” by Richard Clayderman on the Piano.

She has no fingers on her right hand.

Remember her next time you’re trying to come up with an excuse.

Jenna Jay.


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