Falking: verb. – To actively reasearch an acquiantance, friend or friend’s friend using a Social network medium called Facebook.

“Oh my word, Suzy is getting married to John”

“what?! who told you?”

“I saw while I was Falking”

We all do it, some to greater degrees then others. Some (in fact most) will deny it – but have a look at their browsing history 😉

Simple explanation of the name is the marriage of the words “Facebook” and “Stalking” – duh. I prefer Fesearch, Finvestigation.

Facebook has a wealth of information, why let it go to waste? The things Ive found have both shocked and pleasantly suprised me but

mostly they’ve entertained me.

In my experiences as an avid falker, I’ve discovered these different types of Facebook friends. Let me break it down for you.

1. The annoyer.

Statuses tend to go something like this.

“Im hungry :(” 10seconds later “What can i have on my toast?” 23seconds later “Avo on toast is AMAZING”

2. The Gamer.

I hate Farmville, stop inviting me.

3. The Tagger.

Suzy has tagged you in 121 photos, even though some photos only contain your ear/another random part of your body.

4. The friend counter.

you know that chick/dude who has 2567 friends.

5. Busted by your “Like”.

This is that guy you always have found a bit shady. But while he looks through your profile pictures for the gazillionth time he likes picture number 122 by mistake and that glimmer of hope that you had is smashed.

There are tons more but i will end with my fav.

6. The Addict –

you know who you are.

I already know what you did last summer.

Jenna Jay.


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